Target Reference celebrates the best of TV, Movie, Video Game and Wrestling fandoms. From John Cena to Tony Stark – they’ve got it covered.

Working with Target Reference, we created a website that could host multiple short form articles, regular podcasts and features such as social media integration, easy-to-use sharing tools and a simple online store.

Using WordPress we developed a website that made it easy to create and publish articles both on the go and from a fixed location – meaning creating and publishing content could be done from anywhere with an internet connection. After careful consideration and testing we implemented a well maintained and popular WordPress plugin to manage the podcast library that was both simple to maintain and well supported by third party publishers.

Using this plugin, each episode is then automatically submitted to the major podcasting platforms (iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts etc…) and has accurate statistics about listener behaviour.

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“Loli have done a fantastic job by creating a website that looks great and can be updated whenever we need to.”

Garry Hunt, Editor – Target Reference